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90% success rate!


The Selective Trial Test Course (STTC) is a comprehensive program designed for Year 5 students to prepare them for the Selective High School Placement Test in Year 6. The program begins in Term 1 of Year 5 and runs until the actual exam in March of Year 6.

Pre-Uni New College’s STTC has shown to be a significant factor in ensuring success in the Selective High School Placement Test.

The course is unique in that it allows students to practise exam style questions under exam conditions. By attending the STTC, students will systematically revise the entire course and be confidently prepared for the actual placement test.

The STTC will help students to manage their testing time efficiently, minimise errors, overcome exam nerves and perform at their optimum level in their actual exam.

This comprehensive course brings us an outstanding success rate every year. Together with the STTC, we will help our students to reach their full potential before the actual exam date and build their confidence to succeed.

What are the benefits of STTC?

  • The STTC can help to increase accuracy and minimise errors.

  • The STTC can help to increase the speed of answering questions. (Thinking Skills test comprises 40 questions in 40 minutes – 40 seconds per question.)

  • The STTC familiarises students with all essential test taking skills.

  • By practising exam questions every week, results and competence steadily improve.

  • Weekly reports give immediate feedback to parents about weak areas on which their child should focus.

  • Student performance and progress is assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

  • Parents can get an idea of which score level their child will achieve in the actual exam and make or revise the most suitable school choices in their application.


Week 1 (3 hours)

Mathematical Reasoning

Thinking Skills

Week 2 (3 hours)




How are the classes run?

Students will sit down and take the tests for that week. After a short break, the teacher then explains all the test questions with the students, giving them tips and tricks as to how to answer each question quickly and efficiently. 


The Writing test will be marked by an English Teacher and be given to students in the following session with details of corrections. 



35 questions (40 mins)

The mathematical reasoning test consists of 35 questions. Students have 40 minutes to complete the test. The questions are all multiple choice.

The mathematical reasoning test assesses the student’s ability to apply mathematical understanding and knowledge to problems, with questions drawn from a range of mathematical content areas.

Calculators are not used in the mathematical reasoning test.

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40 questions (40 mins)

The thinking skills test consists of 40 questions. Students have 40 minutes to complete the test. The questions are all multiple choice.

The thinking skills test assesses the student’s ability in critical thinking and problem-solving. There are a range of different question types in the test.

No previous knowledge is required for this test.

Checking Text on a Document


30 questions (40 mins)

The reading test consists of 30 questions. Students have 40 minutes to complete the test. The questions are based on a diverse range of texts and assess a range of reading skills.

The reading test questions are based on different genres such as non-fiction, fiction, poetry, magazine articles and reports.

Pencil Bunch


1 writing task (20 mins)

The writing test consists of a topic about which students must write according to the instructions. Students have 30 minutes to complete the test. The test assesses the student’s creativity of ideas and ability to write effectively for a purpose and audience. The test will also assess grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Students who do not address the topic in their writing, regardless of fluency or creativity, will receive low marks.



50 questions (20 mins)