Tuition fees

Fee policy

The following fee policy is set out by Pre-Uni New College Head Office.

1. Fees

All tuition fees are determined and approved by Pre-Uni New College and are subject to change at any time. Such changes may be published with appropriate notice to parent(s)/guardian(s) (“Parents”) and may be made available on the relevant student documents.


2. Accounts

Fee statements may be issued prior to the commencement of each term. Other charges will be listed separately on the fee statement for the preceding term in which they are incurred.


3. Payment of Fees

All tuition fees are due and payable by due date. Parents/Students are required to pay the tuition fees by the due date as prescribed by the College.


Payment arrangements, including instalment payments, are not acceptable. Students must be enrolled for at least 7 weeks and attendance must be continuous.


4. Late Enrolment

If the enrolment is after the commencement of the course, students must finalize payment of fees upon enrolment.


5. Late Payment of Fees

Any payments not made by the due date will incur a late payment charge, administrative and service fee or interest.


If fees remain unpaid by the due date, the College will take appropriate actions. The students will not be allowed to attend and/or enroll in any courses or tests provided by any branches of Pre-Uni New College until all outstanding debts are settled. Any materials, results and reports will not be released to students until full payment, including any late payment charges, administrative and service fee, interest and expense incurred by the College, have been received. If any fees, charges, interest and/or expense remains unpaid by the due date, such debt will be passed to the debt collection agencies without notice and administration charge of 35% of the debt amount will accrue on the account.


6. Discount Offer

One discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer. Discounts do not apply to material fees.


(1) Full-Term Early Bird and Full-Term Discount

A Full-Term Early Payment Discount may apply on full-term fees paid by due date for such discount provided there is no outstanding account balance. Any due dates for the Full-Term Early Payment Discount will be determined by the College.

The Full-Tem Early Payment Discount is not applicable to trial test course, including, but not limited to STTC/OCTTC.



(2) Family (Sibling) Discounts

In recognition of your family’s commitment to providing the College education for all of your children the following discount (on tuition fees only) is offered:


The Family (Sibling) Discounts are conditional upon the full-term tuition fees paid by due date. No discount will be applied to any fees paid by after the due date. The Family (Sibling) Discounts applies to immediate family member only.


If you choose the Family (Sibling) Discounts, all of your children will receive this discount. No other discount will be available.


Please note that the largest discount applies to the smallest fee. The least expensive fees will receive the greatest discount while the other fees will receive the same rate of discount as full-term early bird discount.


The Family (Sibling) Discounts apply to only normal term courses (i.e. EM, EMG and WEMG and no other courses or holiday courses) and to full-term fees paid by due date that is determined by Pre-Uni New College.


(3) Scholarship Discount Offer

The Scholarship Discount Offer entitles students a certain amount of discount to the full tuition fee for the duration of a specific period. Eligible students are normally selected through Pre-Uni New College annual scholarship tests and are notified by offer letter outlining the discount rate and duration of the scholarship.


Eligible students should enrol and pay the entire term before the commencement of each term to receive their scholarship discounts. The Scholarship Discount Offer applies only to normal term courses (i.e. EM, EMG and WEMG) and no other courses or holiday course.